Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cupcake Nazis

If you recall a previous post about a local cupcake joint, you might be surprised by this rant.  As it turns out, they don't really sell cupcakes during all business hours.  It seems that their business model is based on paying for staff, physical plant, utilities, etc. to remain open longer than they actually sell cupcakes. 

It's been disappointing to find that during their business hours, on several recent occasions, that they have had hardly any product.  Our last attempt found a mostly empty display case with lemon-blueberry only (quite a few actually).  But guess what? Lemon-blueberry is a muffin; not a cupcake. 

Now I hate to besmirch or sully the reputation of honest, hard-working people; especially those who are rolling the dice on such a venture as this.  I will try one more time.  It just seems to me that a sustainable and successful business model whose sole purpose was to supply product X would be more successful if that business actually had product X to sell. 

So word to the peeps at the CBCcC - Worry less about throwing out a few cupcakes at the end of an occasional slow day and worry more about all of the sales you are missing by not having anything in the display case. 

Now lest you think this is simply born of mean-spirited meany meanness, just think of me as the jilted boyfriend who got dumped and goes about with unrestrained bitterness over the girl who dumped him all the while saying he doesn't care or that she was no good.  The fact that I am ranting so should be an indication of just how much I do care no matter what else I might say.  Let me eat cake!  And bring back your cupcakes for sale.  Are you misunderstood-genius, narcissistic artist cupcake Nazis, madly and capriciously denying your cupcake neophytes the opportunity to satisfy the expectations you have created?  Or is it because you can't supply the goods, more like a Moscow-retreat, barren winter, beginning-of-the-end, can't get supplies to the front line type of cupcake Nazi?  Bring back my cupcakes to me.  Either that or close earlier, when you are out of product.  Staying open so people can come in to see your undesirable muffins in an otherwise, empty case is just mean.     


  1. Maybe they are hoping you will buy one of their delicious cocoas instead. I think I've had the lemon-blueberry, and if I recall correctly it had frosting and edible glitter on it, so I think that qualifies as a cupcake, right? :)

  2. Bill want's them to change the days of the week that they do certain cupcakes. We've already tried all Fri and Sat cupcakes we want to try weekday ones but not go on the weekday!! And I totally agree about only having one kind in the case. We've been there by 7 on a friday night and they only had one flavor left...are you kidding me???