Sunday, May 1, 2011


The Gershwin brothers would probably not find the perversion of their great song to describe what could be considered as low-brow eats as very clever or appropriate but I think it works.  And you've got to love a place where the mascot is a swine pit master.  Last night I told my wife we were going to try someplace new when we went out.  We ended up on the west side of town and she said, "Let's try Famous Dave's." 

Having lived in south Texas for a year and a half, she has an appreciation for real Texas beef brisket.  I love pulled pork and, though I still haven't been able to forsake the convenience of my liquid propane grill for a charcoal grill or hardwood smoker, I have tried the occasional piece of pork shoulder known as the Boston butt several times.  We make great slaw and I love my barbecue sauce so we have had decent results.  In the future, however, I likely will not bother since I've found Famous Dave's.  Although I am a great grill man but not so skilled at making real cue, I am nonetheless, a bit snobbish about proteins and sauces.  Dave's blew us both away.  For what they are trying to be, I'd say it is the best around - meaning that in doing southern cue, they really do it well, compared to say Fazolis or even some slightly better establishments trying to be Italian but you know that they are really just playing at it.  The only other place that comes close to being what they are is, in my opinion, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, who promises just that and delivers just that (and pretty darned tasty it is too).  

The sauces were variants of sweet, tangy, peppery smokiness with varying amount of heat - I mostly went with their Rich and Sassy but couldn't settle for just that so I also had a generous shot of Devil's Spit and Texas Pit.  The fries were great (nice and hot) and the help and the  management at Dave's were excellent. 

After an unbelievably good pork sandwich (even the buns were the perfect vehicle) and the Texas Manhandler, featuring beef brisket which my wife says rivals the real deal she experienced in the Lone Star state, we had a piece of pecan pie.  So good it was just plain filthy.  Filthy. Filthy. Filthy.  If you do not have any reservations about engaging in gustatory hedonism in spite of all you know about principles of good nutrition and self-preservation, you should check it out.  And even if you do know better, you should lower your standards and try it anyway.         

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  1. Well, with a review like that from a name we know and trust, Dave's is getting bumped up on our Need to Try list. We've actually had a lot of their food (lunch catering leftovers a la drug reps)--good, but I have a feeling that, unlike most bands, this one tastes better "live." Now, have you tried Bubba's? We've been very satisfied with their carnage. Love their sausage, pulled pork and beef brisket; good custard pie too! Curious how Dave's & Bubba's would face off...