Sunday, February 21, 2010

Triple D Comes to Town

No - Guy Fieri did not roll in with the classic Camaro to see a local food joint.  Rather, we decided that for dinner we would try something from an episode we saw recently; pot roast sandwiches with gravy and onion rings.  This came from episode 83 of Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" where the show profiled a place in Chicago called The Depot.  It was great.  A nice break from the traditional Sunday dinner pot roast.  My favorite thing about this was the onion rings, which I actually took from a different episode of the same show. 

Having grown up as a french-fry kid, I now prefer good onion rings over fries (though as you can see, on this night we made both).  They were crispy, crunchy golden-brown perfection.  After years of trying different recipes for onion ring batter, including a laborious recipe which called for whipped egg whites to be folded in, this batch was perfect.  This was the culinary equivalent of pitching a no-hitter in baseball, a 300 game in bowling, or getting a tripe-double in basketball - but in the Diner Food category.  In honor of the onion rings and the Olympics, I thought about hanging one of the rings from a ribbon and putting it around my neck - except there weren't any left.  After achieving such a state of perfection, one might be tempted to do as Henry David Thoreau did when, as a laborer in a family pencil company, decided that after making a pencil he considered to be perfect, quit his job.  Given that onion rings are much tastier than pencils, I am not tempted to quit and move on  but to make more!  I may share the onion ring magic on a future post.  In the meanwhile, give me a call or post an inquiry.


  1. You can't just tease us with knowing the perfect onion ring recipe, share!

  2. THE VERY BEST ONION RINGS I HAVE EVER - AND I MEAN EVER - HAD. And yes, I was yelling that. The BEST. I didn't even CARE about the rest of the meal. You are as chef-olicious as you are gorgeous, babe!

  3. I agree with La Tisha, you must share your secret. We LOVE onion rings at our house and have yet to find the perfect recipe.